South African Workshop ACM MM 2017


South African Workshop ACM MM 2017


Welcome to SAWACMMM 2017!


The South African research community has strong individual interests in pattern recognition and machine learning, but to date has had limited interactions with the worldwide multimedia research community. This workshop is co-organised by South African researchers and aims to introduce a selection of South African researchers to the multimedia community. Although it should give exposure to a range of multimedia-related work from South Africa, it is a fully open workshop and the organizers warmly invite participation from researchers within the general theme. 

The theme to be presented will be broader than strict multimedia and discussions of investigations relevant to practical problems as encountered in multimedia, are encouraged. Presentations dealing with research in terms of problems particular to Southern Africa, are intended. This includes:
a) Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Structured Probabilistic Modelling in general
b) With possible, but not necessarily so, applications in multi-media streaming / communication / protocols or
c) Biological / environmental issues particular to Southern Africa.

The workshop presents an opportunity to participate and share results and ideas.